Exploring Recreational Therapy in Outpatient Treatment Programs

Recreational therapy is an integrative treatment approach that aims to improve the mental, physical, and social well-being of individuals struggling with addiction or substance use disorder. It helps facilitate therapeutic activities, such as sports and outdoor recreation, for those in outpatient treatment programs all around the world. Not only does recreational therapy help encourage healthy…

signs of fentanyl abuse

What is The New Fentanyl Vaccine and Does it Have the Potential to Revolutionize The Opioid Crisis?

With the recent development of a new fentanyl vaccine, researchers say that it could have the potential to block fentanyl from entering the brain. Now that this innovative research has been released to the public, people are wondering if this new vaccine could have the ability to revolutionize the opioid crisis. The opioid crisis has…

a man talking to his doctor about cbt programs

How a CBT Program Could Help with Addiction Recovery

Cognitive-behavioral therapy for addiction is a form of mental health treatment pioneered at the University of Pennsylvania in 1960. Over the last few decades, a cognitive-behavioral therapy program has been effective in helping individuals who suffer from a substance use disorder get their start on the road to recovery. Are you or someone you care…

a woman talking to her doctor about drug abuse treatment

Getting the Most Out of Drug Abuse Treatment

When entering alcohol or drug addiction treatment, people may experience many different emotions, such as worry, nervousness, anger, and hopelessness. Many people enter treatment wondering if it will even work and will things get better? These thoughts are completely normal for someone trying to get clean and sober for the first or fifth time. Follow…