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Drug Addiction TreatmentIf you are struggling with an addiction, you are not alone. Substance abuse issues impact over 40 million Americans, and many will never seek help. Overcoming addiction alone can feel impossible. As you try to stop using drugs, you’ll begin to crave them more, and this cycle can go on and on. However, a professional drug addiction treatment center can help you break this cycle and begin to rebuild your life. At Georgia Addiction Treatment Center, we offer a drug rehab program in a comfortable, secure environment free from the stresses of everyday life.

Our addiction specialists will help you achieve lasting sobriety through a personalized treatment plan. Upon intake, we’ll assess your substance abuse history and create a plan for helping you find the road to recovery. Our goal is for you to live a healthy, sober life, and we’ll help you get there by supporting you every step of the way. Learn more about our drug addiction treatment program and contact us today for our other substance abuse treatment programs.

Do I Need a Drug Addiction Treatment Program?

If you aren’t sure if you need professional help, there are some criteria to consider. The American Psychiatric Association has some guidelines you can use to determine whether or not you or your loved one is suffering from a polysubstance abuse issue and would benefit from drug rehab. Ask yourself the following questions if you are showing the signs of addiction: 

  • Have you ever used drugs during or before engaging in dangerous behavior?
  • Has drug use resulted in damage to your relationships, finances, or employment?
  • Is a significant amount of your time spent getting, using, and recovering from drugs?
  • Do you crave drugs when you are not using them?
  • Have you continued to use drugs even after experiencing negative physical effects, such as overdose symptoms?
  • Have you been unable to discontinue your drug use, or have you experienced withdrawal symptoms when you stop using?
  • Are you self-medicating?

If your answer to any of these questions is “yes,” then you would likely benefit from a drug addiction treatment program. Overcoming a drug addiction almost always requires a professional drug rehab center. Habitually abusing drugs will ultimately change a person’s body chemistry. The body comes to rely on the drug in order to function. A person at this stage of substance abuse is dependent on the drug and can suffer unpleasant or painful withdrawal symptoms if they stop using suddenly. A qualified addiction treatment center will use professionally supervised detox to eliminate the drugs from the body safely. If you or a loved one are struggling with drug addiction such as meth, reach out to Georgia Addiction Treatment Center today by calling 855.952.3546.

What to Expect in Our Drug Addiction Treatment Center

Once you enter our drug addiction treatment center, you will begin treatment with a thorough assessment. This allows our addiction specialists to create a personalized treatment plan for your unique needs. Every individual in recovery is different, as everyone’s road into addiction is individual. Recovery is a lifelong process, but our therapists will work with you to help you understand the root causes of addiction, including past trauma and underlying mental health issues. We incorporate both holistic approaches and evidence-based therapies in our treatment plans. The therapies we use include the following:

  • Recreational therapy
  • Expressive therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Trauma-focused treatment
  • Motivational interviewing
  • Family therapy
  • Medication-assisted treatment
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Co-occurring diagnosis (if you are suffering from mental issues that fuel your addiction)

Finally, you’ll be assigned a case manager upon your arrival for assistance with financial and legal difficulties.

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Addiction can leave you feeling hopeless and alone. However, you’ll find compassionate care at Georgia Addiction Treatment Center. Our staff is ready to help you find your way to recovery through therapy and wellness education. You’ll meet others who have experienced similar struggles, and you’ll be able to build a network of support. When you’re ready to rebuild your life, reach out to us. Our drug addiction treatment program is just a call away at 855.952.3546, or you can contact us online. So take the first step towards your future today.

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