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woman in hospital bed in Partial Hospitalization ProgramThere are many different kinds of addiction treatment programs out there. If you or your loved one has struggled with substance abuse, you might have felt overwhelmed by your options. However, learning about the different types of treatment can help you make an informed decision. A partial hospitalization program, also referred to as a PHP, is the right choice for many individuals who want to break the cycle of addiction. At Georgia Addiction Treatment Center, we offer a partial hospitalization program where you’ll find others who have experienced the same struggles. You’ll build a network of support as you work through the root causes of addiction and begin to rebuild your life.

What Is a Partial Hospitalization Program?

Many individuals in treatment for addiction begin with an inpatient rehab program. This might be a place where they go through medical detox while they start to work through the consequences of substance abuse. They live on-site and typically don’t leave unless there are special circumstances. In a partial hospitalization program, however, individuals in recovery live at home or in community housing while receiving intensive treatment from an addiction treatment center.

Why is our PHP an ideal choice for recovery? Some of the advantages of a partial hospitalization program include:

  • You can keep up with responsibilities while in treatment, such as caring for family members of your home.
  • You can work outside of the addiction treatment center.
  • While away from the treatment center, you have the opportunity to work on the skills you’ve been learning
  • Costs less than traditional residential programs
  • You can develop a support network both inside and outside of the center.

Our Partial Hospitalization Program

At Georgia Addiction Treatment Center, our partial hospitalization program is the most intensive level of treatment we offer. While living at home or in a community housing program, you’ll take part in individual and group therapy, wellness classes, and medical care. We understand how important individualized treatment plans are. AThe most effective treatment takes patients’ individual needs into account. That’s why in our partial hospitalization program, we create a personalized plan as soon as you enter our care. 

Medical Care

In an effective recovery program, you’ll be treated for not only the physical side of addiction, such as PAWS, but the mental and spiritual aspects as well. In our PHP, you’ll be seen and assessed by our on-site nurse practitioner. You’ll be able to take any necessary medications on-site, and you’ll have access to psychiatric care when needed.

Intense Therapy Plan

During our PHP, you’ll be in both group and individual therapy sessions. Addiction can be isolating. However, in group therapy, you’ll form bonds with others who have experienced similar struggles. You’ll start to take control of your addictions and start rebuilding your life. We select your therapist based on your needs, and all of our staff members are caring, competent, and experienced.

Family and Community Health

At Georgia Addiction Treatment Center, we not only help each individual work on themselves, but we work to give you the tools you need to mend broken relationships. Together we will heal your family and allow you to be an engaged, positive force in your community.

Family therapy and support are foundational parts of our treatment. We offer various support services for any of your loved ones. Family support groups meet on a regular basis, during which our staff works on helping your family understand addiction, create healthy strategies for support, and identify how to establish healthier boundaries.

Find Hope at Georgia Addiction Treatment Center’s Partial Hospitalization Program 

To learn more about our partial hospitalization program or our other outpatient programs, contact us today. Our addiction treatment specialists can help you or your loved one access the care you need. Call us at 855.952.3546 or contact us online. Begin rebuilding your life today.

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