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man begins treatment at men's rehab centerThere are as many approaches to addiction treatment as there are people struggling with substance abuse. Since each person’s experience of drug and alcohol abuse is different, their treatment plans must be unique. Research has indicated that one of the factors that determine these differences in experience is gender. This is why at Georgia Addiction Treatment Center, our addiction treatment programs include separate programs for men and women. One reason why a men’s rehab center works so well is that it almost always results in a more extensive peer support network.

In our society, we often train men from the time that they are boys not to show emotion or vulnerability. But in a men’s rehab center, men find it easier to open up precisely because there are no women around. This kind of openness leads to discussions about substance abuse that can result in real change. One of the primary ways that people battling addiction avoid relapse after rehabilitation is peer support and group work, so the time you spend in men’s rehab will prove extremely important later in your recovery.

In our men’s rehab program, we design individual courses of treatment for every man who enters our program. If you or someone you care about is ready to take the next step in freeing themselves from the cycle of drug and alcohol abuse, men’s rehab at the Georgia Addiction Treatment Center might be right for you.

The Importance of a Men’s Rehab Center

Simply put, men and women have different needs when it comes to the treatment of addiction and mental health issues. Unfortunately, the standard to which society holds men can be a barrier to recovery. Men are taught to avoid seeming weak or fragile. This is amplified when women are present. However, in a gender-exclusive men’s rehab center, you will be able to be open about your experiences and struggles.

Another reason to separate the sexes is that it often takes men longer to open up. This is not a weakness. In fact, we have discovered that it does not usually affect men’s eventual sobriety, but it is a factor in what makes men’s rehab different from a women’s program. Along these same lines, men require different kinds of psychological interventions than women do. Many men experience anger issues or have experienced types of trauma that women might have not. Recovery is a slow process. But by interacting with other men who have had similar experiences, individuals in a men’s rehab program can start the healing process more efficiently and effectively.

Men and women experience addiction differently and at different rates. In the Surgeon General’s Report on Alcohol, Drugs, and Health from 2016, 10.1 million males used alcohol and met the criteria for substance use disorder in the past year compared to 5.6 million females. Additionally, for the use of any illicit drug, 5 million men met the definition of substance use disorder in the past year compared to 2.8 million women.

There are a number of additional factors which support a focused men’s addiction treatment program, and these include:

  • More than half of men with a substance use disorder also have a co-occurring mental illness. This could include depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, or other mental health disorders. Oftentimes men will turn to drugs or alcohol instead of seeking treatment.
  • The cultural pressure on men to not talk about their emotions is often increased in the presence of women, and creates an uncomfortable environment for some men.
  • Men and women often relapse for different reasons.
  • Men have a heightened chance of developing serious medical problems. The risk of organ failure, depression, cirrhosis, and suicide is much greater as a result of their dependency.
  • More men than women are incarcerated for drug-related charges.

At Georgia Addiction Treatment Center, we offer a men’s rehab program aimed at helping you free yourself from drugs and alcohol so you can rebuild your life.

Men’s Rehab at Georgia Addiction Treatment Center

At our men’s rehab center in GA, we have witnessed first-hand how complicated recovery can be. But an addiction treatment program run by medical professionals can help you get your life back from drug and alcohol abuse. Once you’ve decided to get help, Georgia Addiction Treatment Center is here to guide you through your recovery. Our experienced addiction treatment specialists will design a personalized treatment plan according to the factors that affect your addiction, including your gender. The benefits of our men’s rehab center include, but are not limited to:

  • Fewer distractions. Recovery is difficult enough to focus on. Here, men can find the focus they need to complete their rehabilitation.
  • Men-only group therapy. Gender-exclusive groups encourage open communication and fast-track the healing process.
  • Specialized treatment. In men’s rehab, we can target the specific psychological and emotional issues that men struggle with the most.
  • Increased comfort. Because no women are present, men are more comfortable expressing their emotions and vulnerability.
  • A more effective support network. Your peers in sobriety will be other men. You will support each other during your time in rehab and after.

These are just a handful of the advantages of men’s rehab at Georgia Addiction Treatment Center. If you or someone you care about is battling addiction or a mental health issue, the time to reach out is now.

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