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There is no getting around it. Recovery from drug and alcohol addiction takes time and effort. At Georgia Addiction Treatment Center, we know that there is no quick fix, easy cure for substance use disorders or for the depression, anxiety, and trauma that often fuel them. The initial steps of admitting that you need help and finding a program that suits you are crucial, but it is important to remember that recovery doesn’t end there. The majority of patients in recovery need consistent support throughout their lives. This is why the help you will receive from your peers in sobriety at Georgia Addiction Treatment Center can be life-changing. In our alumni program, you will be able to continue to connect with others for support and accountability.

Many of those in recovery return to drug use at least once. And this is why our support doesn’t end when you leave Georgia Addiction Treatment Center. One of the critical factors when it comes to avoiding relapse is a strong support network. And although many people find support from 12-step programs, family, and friends, your peers and the staff at Georgia Addiction Treatment Center will also be there to support you through our alumni program. Helping patients like you achieve and maintain their sobriety is what we do. And to this end, we’ve built an extensive alumni program throughout the country.

group outside laughing and playing in alumni programThe Benefits of an Alumni Program

Why is an alumni program such a critical component of avoiding relapse? Although you will most likely have the support of family and friends, most have not experienced addiction firsthand. They do not know the difficulties of working towards recovery, they may not understand what you are going through. But your peers in recovery, who have walked a similar path as you, will be able to identify with the difficulties you will have. And through the alumni program, they will have the unique opportunity of supporting you when problems arise.

There is another hidden advantage to the alumni program as well. As an alumnus of our program, you will also be a source of support for others. As you work towards your recovery, you will also be able to reach out to you when they need additional support. By listening, understanding, and supporting the people who need you most, you’ll also be helping your sobriety. You must have others to rely on, but we also regularly hear from our alumni that supporting others gives them a sense of strength and purpose they need to carry on. This is one of the main reasons we established our alumni programs: to help you create a network of support among peers.

What You Can Expect from Our Alumni Program

During your time in treatment at Georgia Addiction Treatment Center, you will develop healthy routines and sobriety goals, and learn coping skills for lifelong recovery. And as a member of our alumni program, you will consistently be supporting others as you receive support yourself. In our alumni program, you can expect the following:

  • Access to the contact information of your fellow alumni, so that you can support each other when in need
  • Regular telephone and email contact from the staff at Georgia Addiction Treatment Center
  • Information resources for your recovery, including educational materials on preventing relapse
  • Invitations to social events organized by Georgia Addiction Treatment Center or by members of the alumni program
  • The opportunity to support your peers when they need it

You have committed to recovery; it only makes sense that you would share that gift with others. The alumni program allows you to do just that.

Learn More by Contacting Georgia Addiction Treatment Center

At Georgia Addiction Treatment Center, we are committed to being a resource for every individual battling drug addiction, as well as their families and loved ones, in our community and beyond. Our alumni program board holds regular events to build a community of people living in recovery and their allies.

Each of our alumni is a brave person who lives their recovery every day. Participating in our alumni program means access to support when you need it most, and avoiding chronic relapse. But equally important, it also will allow you to help others. When your treatment at Georgia Addiction ends, your journey of recovery is just beginning. Contact us today through our secure online form or by calling 855.952.3546. There is life after rehabilitation. Start yours today.