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At Georgia Addiction Treatment Center, we pride ourselves on our knowledge of addiction treatment. See our sister locations here.

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At Georgia Addiction Treatment Center, we understand that a patient-focused approach is necessary for successful and lasting recovery. Our program has been specifically designed to do more than address our patients’ addiction alone. Instead, we seek to identify and effectively target any underlying mental health conditions that may have contributed to the addiction.


Depression, anxiety, PTSD and other psychological issues have the potential to fuel relapse. This is why we treat them concurrently, alongside addiction, with the hopes of minimizing the risk of relapse. Our dual diagnosis program has been crafted with both effectiveness and compassion in mind. It remains an essential element of our mission to gain a full understanding of each of our patient’s unique needs before creating a tailored treatment plan to ensure a full and lasting recovery.

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During treatment at Atlanta Detox Center, patients are afforded the opportunity to develop a personal plan of action. We have a full spectrum of multidisciplinary detox specialists that interact with our patients throughout the day. Our team is comprised of highly-trained professionals including, licensed therapists, behavioral health technicians and an around-the-clock nursing staff.


Detoxing, or eliminating the harmful toxins caused by substance use from the body, is a fundamental first step in achieving long-term sobriety. It is common for the detox process to be accompanied by uncomfortable or disconcerting withdrawal symptoms. However, these symptoms can be effectively managed via a medical detox program that provides comfort. At Atlanta Detox Center, our medical detox facility helps patients by stabilizing any chemical imbalances with medication and addressing their individual needs through daily therapy sessions. Whether it’s alcohol, heroin, prescription drugs or some combination thereof, no matter what substances have been abused, we are committed to the safety and comfort of our patients.

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At Diamond Recovery, we understand the importance of investing in each patient’s path to recovery. Our specialists help patients create positive relationships that foster trust, transparency, and support. We strive to share our knowledge and compassion to help those struggling with addiction and mental health issues and provide them with the resources they need to succeed. We believe that collectively, we can bridge the gap between addiction and recovery to achieve better overall health outcomes for our patients. Contact us to learn more about our locations.